Dental & Medical Offices

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Our Temp and Temp-to-Perm Services:

Dental Hygienist

Dental Assistant

Office Receptionist

Medical Assistant

Nurse Assistant

Dental & Medical Staffing  offers an effective approach for dental or medical professionals seeking employees to fill a variety of temporary and permanent positions.Whether you’re seeking a permanent member of your staff or have a temporary staffing emergency, Dental & Medical Staffing,  can save you time and money by:

  • Personally interviewing each applicant
  • Reference Check
  • Arranging personal interview with the office

Our Temporary Professional are ready to work for you  24/7  during:

  • Vacation  and sick leave Substitution
  • Maternity leave replacement
  • Coverage during peak Period
  • Loss of a full time employee

Give Us a Call when you find yourself in any of the above situation. (901) -763-1028